Rose Ray

Rose has been apart of the K&S team since 2017. She holds 8 years experience serving as a junior Non-Commissioned officer in the United States Army Reserve. During this time, she was responsible for up to 13 assigned soldiers and helping to maintain and efficiently operate $20 Million dollars worth of equipment. Rose was also a part of a team for a startup company that is based in the St. Louis area. She served as the Director of Operations running and managing all day to day functions of the business. This provided her the knowledge base and experience necessary to effectively lead a team with a goal of expanding and growing the company. Marketing, website design and build, SEO, budgeting, forecasting, and bookkeeping were just some of her duties. “My goal with K&S is to grow with the company and remain with the standard of being versatile, reliable and capable -Which is what K&S has done for over 45 years”.