What we do

VERSATILITY – The Hallmark of  K&S 

K&S project teams have built almost every type of commercial and industrial facility. Our versatility is based on our wide experience with complex jobs and unusual requirements. We have developed the resources to successfully complete the most demanding jobs. We are constantly honing our skills by taking on the challenges of “out-of-ordinary” projects. Some recent examples of those challenges include:

Unique Projects, Unique Challenges

Completed three months ahead of schedule, this 12,500 square foot $10M project consists of masonry and steel framed building that houses four chillers and a compartmentalized cooling tower, providing chilled water service to the east half of the campus at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. The operational equipment consists of four 1500 ton centrifugal chillers and a 19,200 Gallon per Minute SFX Counter Flow Cooling Tower.

East Campus Chilled Water Plant

Harris Stowe State University

The New Residence Hall & Dining Facility at Harris-Stowe State University is a four story building consisting of 69,614 total square feet. The first floor includes a kitchen and dining area that will support 300 students, administrative offices, laundry facilities, a resident directors apartment, community kitchen, public restrooms and mechanical rooms. The second, third and fourth floors houses 66 students per floor in both single and double occupancy suites.
This project consisted of a complete renovation of an approximately 175 thousand square foot student housing and dining facility.  This multi phased project included residential dormitories, computer labs, restaurant, laundry facilities and complete masonry façade restoration.

Wolpers & Johnston – University of Missouri 


At K&S we take pride and responsibility in doing what we say we are going to do when we say we will. Our commitment throughout the company will always provide open, honest communication to our Owners, Architects and Construction Managers.

The K&S team renovated 8 schools for the Kirkwood School District, including 200 classrooms, 10 gyms, and 3 cafeterias – all during a single summer vacation.

We pre-planned every aspect of the project before it started, including materials staging. The fast-track schedule permitted no delays in material delivery or subcontractor performance.

Kirkwood School District

Southwest Airlines Terminal, Lambert St. Louis Airport

When Southwest Airlines made their original commitment to St. Louis, they relied on K&S to deliver their new gates and terminal in 90 days. The entire terminal addition and gates were on a super fast track schedule and completed on time to the day. The late Chairman of Southwest, Herbert Kelleher, proclaimed K&S miracle workers.


Whether our clients require General Contracting, Design Build or Construction Management Services, K&S is capable of providing dependable cost effective solutions to our Clients.

General Contracting

Over the past ten years alone, K&S has successfully provided nearly one-half billion dollars of competitively bid General Contracting Services. At K&S we are very proud of the long list of satisfied customers our organization has served. When K&S is low bidder on a project, we offer much more than just a competitive price. Prior to bidding, we provide estimates and consultation to Architectural and Engineering firms to help them reduce costs or simplify the bidding process. Post bid, K&S will provide Value Engineering solutions to budget problems without sacrificing quality or timeliness. During construction, our project teams will work to exceed expectations when it comes to delivery of the construction process. At K&S, providing the best competitive price is only the first step in our service to the customer.

Hudson, Gillett and Rollins Halls

Scott Air Force Base Logistic Support Center

Design Build

The benefits of the Design Build approach to contracting include faster, more personalized delivery of the construction process. At K&S we have developed trusted relationships with Architectural and Engineering firms who provide specific and specialized expertise. When K&S chooses a design firm, we match our General Contracting expertise with the right Design Team for the project. Throughout the process of design development, budgeting, estimating, permit/code review and coordination of contract documents, the K&S Project Team will be there in charge every step of the way.